Apology’s have gotten way out of control. Is this latent practice ridiculous or is it just me? Every time a public figure makes an intentional gaff, the media pounces on it and the intended victim demands an apology. Let me be crystal on this issue. ANY Adult that demands or expects an apology for minor infractions is Childish. This is what we teach our children to do. We tell our kids to apologize to your Sister for pulling her hair; or apologize to your Brother for slapping him silly. This is something children do, not what Adults should do.

Whatever happened to just being an Adult? My Father told me like this. He said; “when you say something; you say what you mean and mean what you say and never go back on your Word.”

All of the public apology’s that the media has become so inundated with is pubescent nonsense. Everyone knows they don’t really mean it anyway. Out of control media pressure is transforming Adult intent into the ‘Stage of Fools. Politicians and Public figures alike all know that they can talk about your Mama at High-Noon in the Middle of Time Square as long as they apologize for it later.

I am a very Peaceful Man and am very careful not to offend people.  As life moves we all encounter situations that require our attention and sometimes they may need to be checked. Well, let me tell you something right now. If you have it coming, you have it coming.

If you ever see me in the media spotlight for something I said, know this:

(1) A pressing issue required my attention

(2) I’m not apologizing for it because it does not demand an apology.

(3) Chef Emanuel said it and he meant it.

(4) That’s a Grown Man!

So if you ever hear me say something in public like: Is that a Wig or a Cat on your Head? or, I didn’t know they sold Men’s suits at the Dollar Store, or This is what a comb looks like my Brother! Know This: I meant every Word of it!

Apologize to me or I’m gonna tell Yo Mama! Americans need to Stop being so Doggone Childish!  Who’s idea was this anyway?


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