CULTURE THIEVES (What the Heck is Southern Fried Chicken?)


PLEASE tell me; what the heck is #SouthernFriedChicken? REALLY? The mere term lacks common sense and is not worth the paper that its printed on. Bogus terms like these are blatantly disrespectful to the Family Tree of every African American and to American History.

#FRIEDCHICKEN was created by #AFRICANAMERICANS. Who doesn’t know that? If you don’t know, you either just came to America; you have a Condo on Mars; you live under a rock or you are aiding and abetting the THEFT of History! Which one is it?

Now that we know who created it; PLEASE tell me, what makes it Southern?

In 2012, there are still primitive-think factions in America that still don’t realize they lost the Civil War. Many are too pig-headed (or worse) to recognize or give credit to the litany of contributions made to America by African Americans. #SoulFood is a thing of Genius, yet many would rather eat their first born with Biscuits and Gravy than to give credit where credit is do. Mind-boggling!

You can’t just make stuff up or play hide and seek with History to massage a fictitious ego! Life doesn’t work that way. Terms like #SouthernFood, #SouthernFriedChicken etc. are evidence that many in the Southern part of the United States of America are willfully and deliberately STEALING from the African American Culture and I want the World to know it!

ALL African Americans know it; White Americans and Latin Americans do too. People all over the World know it. People that follow me on my website; or on Twitter,!/chefemanuel or  Facebook, or Youtube; ;They all know what this is and they also know that it is WRONG!

From the UK to Bangladesh, from Hong Kong, to Tokyo, from South Africa to New Zealand and most Nations in-between; they all know what’s going on here. We talk about it.

SO, why are so many Americans sitting on they’re thumbs on such a vital and Historical issue?


Any #SoulFood Restaurant in America that uses the term #SouthernFood should have they’re heads examined. You’re stealing from yourself! Why would you allow someone else to trick you, by telling you what to call your own Food? Learn your History before it’s too late!

“It is vital that we preserve and protect American History”


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  1. Warren says:

    I enjoyed your blog. Plus, thanks for your conversation @ the Hilton in Anaheim, California on the 5th of February.Warren

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