There’s NO such thing as Southern Cuisine or Comfort food: It’s called SOUL FOOD!

Some folks seem to be using the terms Southern Cuisine and Comfort Food with more regularity these days.  We’ve been systematically bombarded with these terms on the down low.  Have you ever wondered what they are, what they mean or where they came from or am I the only one?  These terms have been made ever popular by television cooking shows.  For the past decade, cooking shows have beaten Americans over the head with these trendy terms. History however, writes a very different narrative!  History testifies that Southern Cuisine and Comfort Food are no more than corporate marketing copycat by-products of Soul Food.  It’s just Soul Food wearing a wig!

Americans have become bewitched by fancy terms and titles.  Whenever any Vincenzo, Seth or Shaquonda upchucks a newfangled title or fancy phrase, some of us just hop on board like we just won a trip to the moon, don’t we?  Regardless of how utterly ridiculous these may be–here comes the echo.  Let’s face it, being trendy is what really matters, isn’t that right?  Be cognizant of marketing gimmicks and industry ‘Word Tricks’.  We simply cannot afford the outcome.  The memoirs of History and Culture is the repercussion. 

A wise woman once told me, “Be less concerned about what you put in your mouth, be more concerned about what comes out of it!”  Using popular and catchy phrases may be pardoned as innocence, but its dismal consequence is the disfigurement of History. Make no mistake, American History and culture is a much sought after commodity all around the World.  Everyone wants a piece of the American pie.  There’s no piece of pie with more treasure than Soul Food. Major international restaurant corporations are ALL competing vigorously for it.  Mama said, Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Put Ya’ heads on straight before it’s too late!

1) Southern Food Myth:  I can solve this dilemma with one question.  What foods did African Americans in the North eat during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries?  The same foods!  So, what makes it Southern?

2) Cuisine:  The word cuisine denotes French Food only, so please stop entangling it with Soul Food.

3) Comfort Food:  This is purely a marketing term, which has no real meaning.

Southern Cuisine and Comfort Food are merely marketing terms designed for the marginalization of true American History.  Made popular by cooking shows, many of us thought they sounded pretty cool and started to repeat them.  These terms have no Historical reference and therefore have no place in the diaspora of American History.  It’s not even in the talk.  By using them we contribute to the disinfranchisement of American History.  History depends on real Americans to preserve and protect it.

The whole World knows that Soul Food was invented by African Americans. That point is clear.  History and science provides irrefutable evidence.  The facts are overwhelming. It’s time to give credit where credit has been tardy.  Reckless and irresponsible terms undermind the dignity of American History and insults the intelligence of the entire African American Culture.  Soul Food doesn’t need fancy titles, it can stand on its own merit.

It’s called Soul Food!!

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