IHOP Shows Disrespect to Soul Food! Have They lost their last Mind?

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Harlem chef Carl Redding plans protest of IHOP over soul food dish chicken and waffles

The food fight is on over the honor of chicken and waffles, a dish cooked up for midnight ramblers in Harlem and now considered one of uptown’s culinary signatures.

Carl Redding, a chef who was raised and trained in Harlem and ran Amy Ruth’s restaurant before opening Redding’s in Atlantic City, says International House of Pancakes has taken chicken and waffles and butchered it.

“It’s soul food without the soul,” says Redding, who has traveled to South Africa with Oprah Winfrey and appeared on the “Today” show and “Conan.”

“It’s nothing like the way we know it in our community. If you’re going to appropriate a dish we treasure, at least get it right.”

Patrick Lenow, IHOP’s executive director of corporate communications, says that, with all due respect, IHOP has.

“We know there’s a lot of history to this dish,” he says, “and it’s terrific that Chef Redding has his way of doing it. But this is what IHOP is good at – taking something and putting a new twist on it. We did tests for how our customers would like it and the way we serve it is what they told us.”

Chef Emanuel’s response: What are they thinking? I too was totally shocked to see chicken and waffles on IHOP’s menu. I ordered it to see what it was like. When it came to the table, I was seething. My server asked; how is everything? I responded; This is nothing like Chicken and Waffles as I know it. This is the Absolute Worst Imitation of Chicken & Waffles I have ever Tasted. It is Shameful!

My concern is that customers that have never had real Chicken and Waffles will think this is what it’s like. It is not even close. 1) They use processed Chicken tenders; not whole chicken pieces. The chicken does NOT have a sketch of flavor, NO color, texture, or crunch and is as dry as a liars mouth before the lie. 2) The waffles are dry, cold and minus flavor or texture. Any attempt by IHOP or any restaurant like it, to cook a masterful Soul Food Classic like chicken and waffles will be a total disaster. This dish is clearly outside of their skillset and scope of understanding. “To understand ‘Soul Food’ one must understand it’s History and the Culture behind it”! It is only then that you can impart suitable RESPECT!

I’ve said it before; “Just because you’re a Chef does not mean you know how to cook”. I have also said that “Culinary schools in America and America’s Chain Restaurants do not have personel skilled enough to cook Soul Food properly”. This is exhibit A! 

In order for this dish to appear on IHOP’s menu, it went through a series of test in their corporate test kitchens. These chefs are supposedly the best in the company and command very handsome salaries. That said:

Questions: Who in the corporate kitchen came up with this compost? What genius approved it? I know twelve year olds that can cook better than that.

IHOP has shown total disrespect to Soul Food and to Soul Food History. I support the efforts of Chef Carl Redding. I urge everyone to put their money where their mouth is. This elevated level of corporate irresponsibility, deception, disrespect and blatant arrogance cannot and will not be tolerated in America anymore. “Any American that supports this is on the wrong side of History and Faith”. This is not what America is about. 

I have said repeatedly on the internet, that everyone wants a piece of Soul Food. Is this evidence enough for you? If Soul Food is so unhealthy, why does everyone want it?

In collaboration with Chef Carl Redding, I will help support these efforts against IHOP restaurants. Please join us. Pertinent information will be posted on my Blog. 

“Soul Food is American Food in it’s Purest Form”

Next we will discuss the unhealthiness of the food served at IHOP. You have NO idea how unhealthy it really is, but you will. STAY Tuned!!


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