Chef Emanuel’s ‘Crispy Lemon Pepper Catfish’ Part 1

“Soul Food Cooking is not an amateur sport” EW

Check this out. I ate at a Southern Food restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Southern Food? whatever that is. Anyway, I ordered the Fried Catfish. When my order arrived the food was so bad, I wanted to ‘Pimp Slap’ the cook ‘Chicago Style’. (Backhand with a Pinky) LOL First off, the fish had no color. It was mushy and had the texture of wet Wonderbread. It was loaded with salt and was as bland as a hay sandwich. It was obviuos to me as a chef that the catfish had been fried in flour and at the wrong temperature. I hope you’re not doing this at home. Because if you are, I’m afraid you will be issued a ‘Soul Food Citation’. You must then appear in ‘Soul Food Court’ and be sentenced by a jury of my peers. LOL In light of this and many other blatant Soul Food debacles,  I’ve decided to share one of my coveted recipes with you for FREE . Try this one on for size.                        I hope you enjoy it!

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